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Haier Albania is responsible for trading and selling Haier brand home appliances in Albania.
The Haier Group's relationship with Europe began more than 10 years ago when its first products were introduced to the European market.
Based on European success, Haier has expanded its operations in Albania and is growing day by day by offering innovation. But Haier goes beyond expectations, making jobs easier and lives more livable.
You can live your life your way when you have amazing gadgets at your fingertips. Haier designs inspired devices with features that suit families and businesses.
Haier appliances are designed for people like you who want to take care of life without sacrificing style.


Haier products and systems are designed and adapted to deliver optimum temperatures in any environment regardless of weather conditions. The systems operate with high efficiency by eliminating noise and ensuring that energy consumption is as low as possible.
Due to advanced technology, Haier Albania offers the ideal accommodation options for families, hotels, industrial buildings, educational buildings, hospitals and more.
To get a closer look and know more, Haier Albania welcomes you to its official showroom in Tirana near the Electric Market.


HAIER   Inspired Living

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